Sabine Hartmann
Curriculum Vitae
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In her earlier years, Sabine Hartmann followed her profession as an architect for design and construction with passion.
Create private space to live in, an environment people enjoy, you and me, with heart and intellect. To do this, strong communication was requested, not only by listening to words, also by recognizing the hidden wishes.

In 1999 a transition happened, a new way to express herself was found. Her first paintings appeared. “Blue and red", oil on paper. “Selbstsein", oil on canvas.
Who am I? Reflections, who is this woman? Creating.

In 2003, the next consequent step was made. She changes her life and founded a small design studio on her own. Experiments in a broad range of photography, graphics and design are made at that time.
Photography, to catch the moment, the moment someone shows his soul.
Graphics and design, to find an intersection between handicrafts and art.
The paintings are reflecting the power of this years. “Inside-Out", strong women appearing on canvas, but they are solitaire.

In 2005 Sabine Hartmann met her new partner in life and followed him to Mexico. Everything changes again. For the first time she has to fit in a foreign environment and culture. Although speaking Spanish and English, nonverbal communication became more necessary. Under the influence of the rich, colourful Mexican culture her paintings start dancing, and, she didn t dance alone anymore.
The love for the younger generation of architects and designers, made her also professor at the Universitaria Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico City, department for Visualisation and Multi Media. Share with the architects and artists of tomorrow. Move made experiments to the next generation.

In 2006, Sabine Hartmann came to Beijing. Her first contact with the Asian culture. Forced by a high speed changing environment and society her style of painting develops again. The power of China, strong and orientated to the future, transposed and deepened her use of colours.
my first birthday painting since 2 years!
I am sooooo happy, that I can do it again!
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I also have some Video posted on YouTube. If you are curious,
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I have a second Videosite on VIMEO showing our Sidecar Adventures. Please, click here.
beside riding Sidecars in China, we also make a lot of travels. On Vimeo you can find some videos from this Year 2009.
Please, click on the link live in China and the album will open immediately.
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